Telehealth Services

Telehealth is two way audio/video or audio only services that may be provide if the client is choosing this type of contact or if there are barriers to in person services.  Audio-only telehealth is only appropriate if there are barriers to technology and video/audio is unavailable.  Telehealth is NEVER provided at the choice or convenience of the staff.  Clients may opt into in person services at any time.

Clients will be asked to give verbal consent to receive telehealth services at every telehealth appointment.

Contact us today for more information on receiving services through Telehealth. 1-888-918-5465

** Please note the ability to receive telehealth services is dependent on your insurance coverage.

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Patients are asked that they prepare for the telehealth appointment as if they were arriving to the office in person with the following:

  1. Ensure video or telephone equipment is working properly
  2. Be available on time
  3. Dress as if you are coming to the office in person
  4. Be seated in a private location, preventing interruptions and distractions such as from children or other family members, visitors in the household and from other communication or bandwidth reducing services

Providers have the right to end the telehealth visit if they are uncomfortable with any behaviors witnessed during the visit.

Employees are asked that they prepare for the telehealth appointment as if they were conducting the appointment in the office in person with the following:


  1. Ensure environment (background) is devoid of distracting images
  2. Ensure environment is devoid of distracting sounds
  3. Ensure video equipment, telephone equipment is charged, adequately powered and ready for use


  1. Ensure that you appear on screen as you would in person: professionally dressed
  2. Avoid wearing distracting jewelry
  3. Avoid grooming, primping while on screen
  4. Behave as if you were present in the office with the patient. If you would not be conducting the behavior in front of the patient, then you should not be conducting the behavior during the telehealth visit
  5. Confirm if the patient can see/hear you
  6. Make good eye contact, use reflexive statements, demonstrate empathy
  7. Ensure that no conversation/commentary is being held during transitions (e.g. when hanging up or disconnecting from the patient) with an “open mic.”

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