School Outpatient Therapist/ STAR Therapist (sub-contract school program)

Basic Function and Scope of Responsibilities: Provide evaluation, diagnostic assessment, treatment planning, individual and/or group therapy and follow up care based upon the needs of  the    students at the Chestnut Ridge School District.

Principal  Responsibilities- School Outpatient (SOPT):

  • Duties:
    • Conduct Intake interview/assessment with new clients (and caregivers, when applicable)
    • Collaborate on the development of the treatment/crisis plan and update as required during the course of
    • Ensure that policies/consents and releases of information are obtained at
    • Provide individual therapy to students during the school day (include/invite caregivers as needed or appropriate)
    • Schedule/manage appointments for students in collaboration with appointed school personnel
    • Coordinate referrals with supervisor and/or case manager to ensure information is entered accurately in the system and to  ensure insurance is active prior to the start of
    • Coordinate care with other human service agencies when
    • Complete all required documentation in accordance with state and MCO guidelines in the EMR
    • Complete discharge summary upon ending the therapy
    • Complete childline reports as mandated if a child divulges abuse in therapy. (That has not already been reported/investigated)
    • Complete an incident  report if a childline is made
  • Program Compliance:
    • Ensure that each therapy contact has a corresponding note in the system
    • Ensure that coordination of care with outside agencies, schools, parents, etc. have a general case note in the
    • Inform supervisor if  errors  are noticed in the client  record that may need
  • Supervision/Staffing:
    • Participate in clinical supervision with the executive clinical director as scheduled on a monthly
  • Trainings:
    • Complete annual Relias trainings by the deadlines (See below for specific list)
    • Complete Mandated Reporter Training as  required

Principal Responsibilities- STAR (School sub-contract)

  • Duties:
    • Conduct individual therapy and/or facilitate group therapy for identified students in the STAR program (High School and Middle School)
    • Coordinate with school personnel for scheduling STAR students
    • Assist with referral of individual STAR clients who are eligible for and interested in  SOPT
    • Document a brief summary of session(l, including the time of the session, for STAR record keeping purposes.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.

Education Requirements: Check the  minimum level of formal education that is required to perform this job satisfactorily .

** See “Supervised  Period” below for  further  clarification.

High School Diploma or GED                                                           Bachelor’s Degree

Vocational School or some college courses                                    Master’s Degree

Associate’s Degree, Trade or Technical School                              Doctoral  Degree

List specific examples of degree(s), area(s) of study, and/or licensure(s), denoting (R) if required or (P) if preferred Qualifications, Training, Skills, Knowledge and/or Experience: List specific examples, denoting (R) if required or (P) if preferred

The SOPT/STAR Therapist shall meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a graduate of an accredited university with an emphasis on social work, psychology, counseling, education, or other related field
  • Possess a master’s degree or higher
  • Obtain Act 33 & 34 clearances, FBI clearances

All assigned Relias on-line trainings shall be completed within the timeframes established by human resources. The SOPT/STAR Therapist shall complete a minimum of 12 hours of training annually in areas such  as:

  • Client/Patient Rights
  • HIPPA / confidentiality
  • Mandated Reporting

CANS training

  • Assessing Suicidality
  • Corporate Compliance and Ethics
  • Paperwork and Documentation
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse


Infection Control Procedures Fire Safety

  • Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Workplace Emergencies and Natural Disasters
  • TEACH training (safe physical restraint/de-escalation)
  • Clinical Trainings -Trauma Informed Care, Co-occurring, CBT, DBT, or other approved behavioral health   trainings

Authority: Decision Making

What is the  nature of the direct supervision that is provided to  the    incumbent  of this position?

  • Supervision: The SOPT/STAR Therapist shall be supervised by and report to the SOPT supervisor, Clinical Director, VPO, and Clinical

Financial Authority

Provide quantitative measurements {i.e. budgets, sales volumes, etc .) for which this position is responsible. Indicate type and amount:    None

Supervisory Responsibility:

No supervisory responsibility

Provides guidance, leadership, or training to other employees (no direct supervision) 0Directly responsible for supervising non-exempt, clerical, or office administrative personnel 0Directly responsible for supervising exempt, professional, or technical employees   0Directly responsible for supervising supervisory/managerial employees

Organizational  Structure

Job Title to which this position reports: Program Director/Assistant Director/Psychiatrist/VPO Job Titles directly reporting to this positi on: None

Job Titles indirectly reporting to this position (e.g. Titles reporting to position’s subordinates): None

Working Conditions:

Please describe the following work conditions that are generally required to execute the principal duties of this position

Physical surroundings (e.g. office equipment): Office Equipment, Conference Room, Classrooms, Staff Offices

Adverse working environment (e.g. specify extent of exposure to noise, extreme temperature, dirt, dangerous machinery, or other hazardous conditions requiring safety adherence and/or PPE equipment    ): Client Interactions

Physical Effort: (Specify repetitive lifting, bending, stooping, or other physical effort required): None

Domestic/International Travel: Travel to Middle School and High School

Extensive Hours: None

Performance Evaluation: The supervisor shall conduct a written performance evaluation annually, based upon measurable performance  standards  as outlined in the employee  handbook.

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    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, txt.

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