Mental Health Worker

Basic Function and Score of Responsibilities

A Mental Health Worker at the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) shall be responsible, along with a Mental Health Professional, for the clinical treatment and clinical case management duties for the PHP clients assigned on his/her case load.

Principal Responsibilities

A.    Direct supervision of clients while in the program:

  • Supervise clients to and from the van at the beginning and end of the day
  • Conduct morning inspection of student bags for items not permitted in treatment areas and store in office until the day is done; also conduct random inspection of bags, pockets, shoes, papers, etc. for these same items
  • Supervise clients during lunch
  • Monitor clients in the hallways
  • Implement PHP behavior plans
  • Enforce rules and expectations of the program
  • Supervise clients as they take their medications
  • Complete documentation of clients taking medications while at the program

B.    Treatment Planning:

  • Initial Treatment Plan within five treatment days of starting in the program
    • Base goals on psychiatric and/or psychological evaluations as well as CANS (or equivalent scores)
    • Involve client and family in creation of treatment plans
  • Update CANS and treatment plan every 20 days of service during 20-day reviews
    • Include change or other status on all sections of treatment plan
    • Add or delete goals as applicable from assessments done in last 20 days or on the day of 20-day review
  • Write initial crisis plan and any needed updates
  • Barrage, facilitate, and invite treatment team members to any treatment meetings
  • Implement individual treatment plans
  • Enter into EMR as applicable

C.    Documentation of client’s response to treatment:

  • Tally point gain/loss throughout the day utilizing the point sheet
  • Record client’s level and percentage points at end of each day on monthly calendar, as listed on the daily progress note
  • Document client’s behavior towards his/her goals in therapeutic and educational activities
  • Document staff interventions to support progress on goals
  • Document communication with parents in non-billable note in Credible
  • Complete Progress Note on each client daily:
    • Complete at end of day between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm in electronic   record
    • Must document progress, consistency or regression toward goals, target or problem behaviors, risk factors, incident reports, staff interventions, daily summary, and time in/out
    • If a staff member is off, divide that staff’s daily progress notes between remaining MHW’s
  • Complete Discharge Summary utilizing information from Mental Health Professional, Psychiatrist, Teacher, Aide, Psychologist, or other NDTC treatment team members as applicable

D.    Provide  Psycho-Educational and Therapeutic  Group Treatment  for clients

  • Provide 3 hours of group therapeutic or psycho-educational activities per day
  • Utilize multiple treatment modalities
  • Create therapeutic group environment
  • Create and follow lesson plans for
    • Therapeutic client groups
    • Family psycho-educational activities on days designated for  family  participation

E.       Provide  Crisis Intervention:

  • Facilitate client de-escalation when client begins to  get  agitated
  • Escort client to cool down room
  • Perform physical intervention when aggressive behaviors occur, utilizing approved techniques from non-violent crisis intervention
  • Complete Incident report form and turn into supervisor within 24 hours

F.     Supervise Behavior in Educational Classroom:

  • Observe and document clients’  behavior  in the  educational classroom
  • Provide behavioral intervention,  as needed, in the classroom
  • Support teacher, as needed, in the classroom
  • Assist clients in the classroom, as needed

G.    Attend trainings in order to continually  stay current  with practices and  guidelines:

  • Annually attend 15 hours of training
  • Attend Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training
  • Attend Blood Borne Pathogens  training
  • Attend Fire Evacuation  and Safety training
  • Attend department-specific trainings as applicable
  • Share information from non-NDTC trainings attended with PHP staff

H.    Work as part of the team:

  • Must work well in a team environment
  • Provide information to the treatment team, including psychiatrist
  • Coordinate client services with other mental health professionals inside and outside the    agency
  • Attend staff and treatment team meetings.

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